The People of Compassion

by Miriam Garvi

Sometimes in life, the unexpected hits us like an earthquake, leaving behind an altered landscape where everything once familiar is suddenly replaced by the unknown. A frightening process challenging the believed possible and the believed impossible, the desirable and the undesirable - baring one’s securities and insecurities in all of their nakedness. Removing the layers covering up the vulnerable - layers believed to be protecting the heart from disappointment and hurt, yet in reality keeping it from aching with the love that will express itself in true compassion.


I am getting to know a people with the courage to love even though it means suffering; who are willing to give of their hearts even though others will take advantage of their generosity; who reach out to others because of an inner craving to see others flourish, not because it is the smart thing to do. They are the fools who will gladly risk ungratefulness because they cannot suffer to turn down even the smallest opportunity to express what is in their hearts. The compassion they exhume mirrors a beauty that is like a breeze from a realm unseen.

Our economies would still be built on the blood of slaves, had it not been for a handful of People of Compassion two centuries ago who would not accept the logic of the world as it was then. Most acts of compassion never make it into the history books, yet such acts of the heart brought about by agents of love who derive contentment from seeing darkness turn to light, rather than from the applause of worshiping crowds can free a society from the shackles of abusive power and self-enrichment.

The true risk-takers of our times are neither the seemingly wise telling us how to make a good living, nor the voices of authority offering easy solutions on how to save our planet. The true risk-takers of our times remain those passionate few who see with their hearts, listen with their hearts, and act upon their heart’s desire. They are the ones paving the way for a transformation where society and life can align with the desire of the heart.

Anyone feeling the ache of compassion within is free to join them.

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  1. Fe Rivers Says:

    Came through your wonderful sister Esther’s facebook page. Terrific, poetic, effecting post. Thanks!